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        Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts

        Make your own creative Christmas wrapping with the edding 1340 brushpen by drawing your own designs or using stamp motifs

        Greetings cards, gift tags and wrapping paper: make gifts extra special with creative gift packaging that's co-ordinated and custom-designed. With its brush-like nib, the edding 1340 brushpen is ideal for this task – and you won’t need an inkpad for stamping motifs onto your tags or paper! With the edding 1300 colour pen you can also add additional designs to your creative Christmas wrapping.

        Gift packing
        Fibre and felt pens
        Paper, carton and cardboard
        Easy peasy
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        Products and materials

        Other materials

        • White or light-coloured paper in the right size for your tags, cards and gift wrap
        • Dark red drawing paper
        • Ready-made stamps or homemade stamps
        • Scissors, glue, ruler

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