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        Homemade treats

        A delicious present with a personal touch with the edding brushpen

        Homemade jam is a thoughtful gift for any time of the year and fits perfectly with the current "country life" trend. A gift that becomes even more personal when decorated with a hand-written label. The edding brushpen, with its brush-like writing nib, is an ideal tool for jam jar labels, canning labels and other types of label. Its writing style varies according to each individual’s handwriting, making it perfect for decorating labels and even for colouring your own rubber stamps.

        From as thin as a pin to as wide as a brush stroke – this is how varied the artistic writing of the edding 1340 brushpen can be. The flexible nib of this fibre-nib pen is made for designing and colouring on light paper and cardboard. The strokes are pleasantly soft and the nib is durable, which means you don’t have to worry about fraying. The combination of broad and narrow strokes also makes typefaces look artistic, and lets you colour your home made rubber stamps in a variety of colours.

        Special gifts
        Fibre and felt pens
        Paper, carton and cardboard
        Easy peasy
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        Products and materials

        Other materials

        • A jar of homemade jam
        • Craft foam
        • A piece of wood to make a stamping block
        • Double-sided adhesive tape
        • Light-coloured paper
        • Scissors
        • Glue

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